The Menu

Fish Dishes

Roasted lobster served with basil ravioli and ginger oil and its coral emulsion
€ 64.90
Roasted sea bass, its collagen and squid juice (Begi-Handi)
€ 50.60
Roasted turbot, chives “pil-pil” and green beans
€ 50.60
Hake in green sauce with clams
€ 47.30
Steamed hake, its pil-pil and red wine sauce
€ 44.00

Meat Dishes

Confited suckling pig, mashed potatoes and cumin flavored fruit compote
€ 46.20
Roasted pigeon, liver toast and turnip filled with mushrooms
€ 46.20
Roe deer with ginger flavored seasonal fruits
€ 55.00
Grilled sirloin in its own juice, salad and mashed potatoes
€ 45.10
Roasted hare râble, foie gras toast and celery mousse with apple compote
€ 49.50
Stewed calf’s trotters and vegetables
€ 42.90
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