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Price: € 143
Spider crab salad with sea essence
Roasted scallops, chard stalk and almond vinegar
Green peas and dewlap stewed
Roasted eggplant, scarlet shrimps, smoked mackerel, cockles and its emulsified juice
Spring egg yolk
Turbot with its emulsified juice, lime-kaffir, sauted green beans and hazelnut oil
Braised Wagyu cube
Roasted lamb ribs
Macerated apricots, bitter tangerine and lemon thyme sorbet
Warm roasted apple cake, tea, vanilla and caramel ice-cream
Note: Drinks not included. This menu is for all table guests.Please, let us know if you have any Food allergy or intolerance.


Cold duck foie-gras, Módena caramel and toast bread
€ 33.00
Lobster salad with its coral vinegar and lemon
€ 42.90
Crispy Norway Lobster, smoked bacon, green asparagus and truffle cabbage
€ 42.90
Norway lobster ravioli with truffle fumet
€ 42.90
Mixed vegetables, truffled shoots salad
€ 35.20
Roasted scallops, chard stalk and almond vinegar
€ 38.50
Spring egg yolk
€ 38.50
Stir fried foie-gras in chickpeas broth, cabbage and breadcrumbs
€ 39.60
Truffle risotto and foie-gras with roast pigeon sauce
€ 42.90
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